Appellate Law

Seals Phillips LLP represents individuals, corporations, and partnerships in California state and federal courts of appeal. Whether appealing or defending judgments, pursuing interlocutory appeals, petitioning for writs, or pursuing an administrative appeal, we have a success rate of over 85%. We also offer our services as consultants during trial, advising clients on preserving issues in anticipation of appeals, and assisting with complex motions. Both Mark and Collin are admitted to practice before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and Collin is a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.


Your constitutional rights are our greatest concern. California's anti-SLAPP law protects individuals who are sued for exercising their constitutional rights, and the Law Offices of Collin Seals has nearly a decade of successes representing both individuals and corporations in this vibrant and constantly changing area of the law.


We know that litigation can be intimidating, even for those who have experienced it before. The Law Offices of Collin Seals provides personalized, hands-on representation to steer you through the process to a successful conclusion. With effective communication and expert advice, we lift the burdens and provide you with top quality legal advice throughout your case.