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Seals Phillips LLP is a full-service law firm providing representation and consultation to individuals and corporations alike.  With our knowledge and experience, we can guide you through the often murky pathways of litigation and arbitration, from the initiation of a suit through all levels of appeal.

Full-service Representation

Litigating business disputes requires a steady hand and unwavering commitment to a client's best interests. Seals Phillips LLP can guide you through these often confusing waters, from the filing of a complaint, through the discovery process, settlement negotiations, trial, and even on appeal. We provide hands-on, personalized representation in matters as diverse as contract disputes, employment litigation, product liability, insurance coverage, civil rights, health care law, government investigations, environmental law, founders' disputes, and securities law.

Fighting For Healthcare Professionals

Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and long-term care facilities provide the most important service possible - safeguarding our lives, protecting our health, and putting us on the road to recovery. But these professionals and institutions face a nearly constant barrage of investigations, accusations, and limitations. Whatever the issue - Stark Law or anti-kickback concerns, FCA allegations, CMS or DHCS sanctions and citations, or physician disciplinary actions - the attorneys at Seals Phillips LLP bring well over a decade of experience in health care law to your problems and concerns. We are committed to working with you to pursue your best interests.

Knowledgeable Anti-slapp Advocates

Every year, California's anti-SLAPP law grows in importance. Whether as a plaintiff fighting an anti-SLAPP motion or a defendant protecting your Constitutional rights, you need an experienced anti-SLAPP litigator to navigate these complex issues in the shortened time frame required by the anti-SLAPP statute. The attorneys at Seals Phillips LLP have litigated anti-SLAPP motions on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, from the first motion through appeal in both state and federal courts, and in related SLAPPback malicious prosecution claims. Speed is essential in anti-SLAPP litigation, and we at Seals Phillips LLP are ready to quickly and efficiently represent your interests.

Appeals, Writs, And Amicus Briefs

Appellate litigation isn't just a continuation of trial court proceedings - it is a specialized area of its own, requiring a unique skillset and only the highest quality legal writing. Seals Phillips LLP has a greater than 85% success rate pursuing writs and appeals in California courts, both as appellant and as respondent. Seals Phillips LLP also drafts amicus briefs on behalf of organizations and institutions interested in the outcome of cases on appeal, even if they may not be directly involved in the litigation.

Practice Areas

White Collar Defense & Investigations

In the most trying circumstances, you need the most experienced advocates. The attorneys at Seals Phillips LLP have represented individuals, corporations, and municipalities when facing government action.


Your constitutional rights are our greatest concern. California's anti-SLAPP law protects individuals who are sued for exercising their constitutional rights, and the Law Offices of Collin Seals has nearly a decade of successes representing both individuals and corporations in this vibrant and constantly changing area of the law.


We know that litigation can be intimidating, even for those who have experienced it before. The Law Offices of Collin Seals provides personalized, hands-on representation to steer you through the process to a successful conclusion. With effective communication and expert advice, we lift the burdens and provide you with top quality legal advice throughout your case.